PPO Book Studies:

Mean Little Deaf Queer

PPO Studies:

Mean Little Deaf Queer

0.940 PS PPO CEUs credits

A four week course beginning June 11, 2021 (This allows reading time before discussions)

Zoom meetings on Thursday evenings 7 - 8 pm EST

June 17

June 24

July 1

July 8

$40 Diversity Academy members

$65 for non-members


This PPO book studies course is based on the book: Mean Little Deaf Queer: A Memoir by Terri Galloway.  The purpose of this PPO book study course is to encourage interpreters to consider how they may have implicit bias that can contribute toward differential treatment with those who are not members of predominantly Deaf communities and are also members of the LGBTQ community.  Issues of multiple social identities, questions of intersectionality, oppression and unearned privileges will be discussed throughout the book readings and with four live weekly Zoom discussions.

Amazon’s Review:

I have read a lot of LGBT memoirs over the years, but few have been as brutally honest as Mean Little deaf Queer. Even the title is an in-your-face claiming of Galloway's fight for her right to live a creative life despite all the doors slammed in her face. And the little "d" in "deaf" is also on purpose, as the book addresses the issues that embroil the deaf/Deaf communities over identity, with Galloway's own deafness, which came on gradually when she was a child, viewed against the other forms of deafness. Her book addresses the controversial aspects of surgical responses to some forms of hearing loss, and her own decision to have surgery…


This was no normal book-reading; it was a book performance, with Galloway thoroughly engaging her fans. Her fearless performance certainly made me uncomfortable, as does her book, but in a good way. She does not hold back about her own "bad" behavior as a child and adult, and it serves her story very well. An autobiography can sometimes seem sugar coated, but Galloway wants us to understand her completely, and I feel by the end of the book I do "get" her more than most writers who pick and choose the best of their lives to showcase. 

by Tracy Baim 2009-11-04 (Credit: Amazon.com book club).


Educational Objectives:

  • Participants will define “attitude deafness” and the impact of power, privilege, and oppression has on their role as an interpreter.


  • Participants will identify and understand concepts such as marginalization, Deaf dominant labels, Socialized Deafness, and Social Identities--and connect those concepts in their work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers with multiple intersectionality.
  • Participants will identify and apply at least three strategies for combating prejudice, discrimination, and/or oppression against LGBTQ Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers in their daily teachings and/or interpreting practices.
  • Participants will discussion and list ways for reducing ‘unconscious’ preferential treatment in their work and/or with their social interactions with LGBTQ Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers.  


Purple Communications and Sorenson Communications are an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. This Professional Studies PPO course is offered for 0.940 PPO CEUs at the little/None Content Knowledge Level.

Purple Communications, Sorenson Communications, and Diversity Academy promote and support policies of non-discrimination and an environment that is mutually respectful and free from bias. 

Requests for accommodations must be submitted to [email protected]

Cancellation Policy: 

In the event that this webinar has to be canceled, we will notify you within 48 hours. 

Course Facilitators: Dr. Suzette Garay and Jolanta Galloway

Facilitator Bios:

Dr. Suzette Garay is a Deaf Person of Color (DPOC) and a third generational Latina(x) from South America, Nicaragua and a third member of her family who was born Deaf. She holds the following degrees: BA, MA. PSY.S, and a Ph.D. Her major areas of studies are Special Education with an emphasis on Deafness and Learning Disabilities, Psychology, and teaching of American Sign Language. She currently is a retired Educational Psychologist and teaches online diversity training courses and sign language courses. She also owns a private practice working with many families, individuals, and private business owners about interpreting, accessibility, diversity, and advocacy with diverse DHHDB consumers.
Dr. Garay has the following qualifications: 25+ years of direct teaching, evaluating, and
mentoring with Special Education students, ASL/Interpreter students, working interpreters,
and/or community business members whom use American Sign Language for communicating with their consumers. She also has invaluable personal experience and success teaching, evaluating, and mentoring diverse deaf individuals and/or consumers from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds.

Jolanta Galloway is an American Sign Language/English Interpreter, Transliterator and mentor from Massachusetts with over twenty-five years of experience. She is the child of an immigrant, the mother of a KODA and a community interpreter with deep roots. She holds a Bachelors in Sexuality and Disability from Metropolitan State University and a Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity. 

 She has attended and facilitated courses at Diversity Academy for Interpreters and is on a daily basis doing the work of unpacking her whiteness. 

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