Next course for Diversity Academy members:

Interpreting for Accessibility: Entering the Space of Latinx Deaf Consumers


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Next course for Diversity Academy members:

Cracking the Shell of Whiteness


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Coming in 2021 at Diversity Academy:

SANKOFA Monthly Spotlight Series, sponsored by Sorenson. An online show featuring hosts, Shana Gibbs and Christopher Robinson. The healing process of having "uncomfortable" conversations about PPO (Power, Privilege, and Oppression).

The meaning of SANKOFA from Wikipedia:

"You must reach back to reclaim that which is lost in order to move forward."

The "Sankofa" is a metaphorical symbol used by the Akan people of Ghana, generally depicted as a bird with its head turned backward taking an egg from its back. It expresses the importance of reaching back to knowledge gained in the past and bringing it into the present in order to make positive progress.

Diversity Mindfulness:

A course that narrows the "gap" between intention and action.

Interpreting for Accessibility:

A course that introduces interpreters to the spaces of Latinx Deaf Consumers.

Exploring Indigenous Ways:

An introduction for Interpreting with Indigenous Deaf People.

New PPO Book Studies:

A four-week course featuring the book, "Mean Little Deaf Queer" by Terry Galloway

A four-week course featuring the book, "Me and White Supremacy" by Layla Saad

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 eBook by Diversity Academy

Common Interpreter Microaggressions Experienced by Diverse Deaf Communities. 


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Join a diverse community of interpreters and Deaf and Hard of hearing professionals. 

Continued Learning

Webinars, Q & A sessions, mentorship, trainings, tutoring, and more! Obtain the CEU's you need to continue your professional journey. 

Diverse Resources

Celebrating the differences among us--and understanding those differences in a deep way. 

Who is Diversity Academy For? 

• Recent graduates of interpreter training programs or entry level interpreters working into their 1-3 years of services who wish to further their knowledge, skills, and abilities beyond their respective programs and/or seeking better opportunities for diversified interpreting work.

• Certified or Restrictive Licensure Educational interpreters preparing for national certification tests (NIC or BEI) or diverse ASL skills assessments required by the state, school district or an interpreter referral agency for interpreting in community-based settings.

• Working interpreters looking to increase their cultural competence for working with diverse Deaf/deaf/Hard of Hearing/Deafblind populations such as DPOC, LGBTQA, and/or other marginalized groups.

• Certified or experienced interpreters seeking increased fluency in a specialized or diverse complex settings (except for medical or legal that requires further specialized training beyond the scope of focus of Interpreter Academy Online).

• Others who want to improve their overall Diverse ASL communication skills, including parents of diverse Deaf or hard-of-hearing children, teachers and other professionals who work with diverse Deaf or hard-of-hearing students. 

Deaf or hard-of-hearing people who want to learn or improve their ASL, particularly if their language training while growing up was signed English, PSE, or primarily oral language.

Your Team Members

Dr. Suzette Garay and Karen Putz, MA have over 30 years of experience training, evaluating, and working with interpreters in various settings. 

Diverse Speakers and Topics

Your membership includes online webinars featuring diverse Deaf and diverse Interpreters. Each webinar gives you 0.2 PPO CEUs. You can view these webinars anytime, anywhere. Each speaker presents LIVE, and then the replays are available to view on your own time. Members are required to take a pre- and post-assessment, presenter evaluation, additional reading, and participate in the online discussion forum. to earn 0.2 PPO CEUs.

Jolanta Shares Her Experience with the "Cracking the Shell of Whiteness" course:

Diversity Academy Membership

Pay by the month...or the year.




Monthly webinar instruction from a Diverse Deaf perspective and/or Interpreter perspective (includes pre- and post-assessments,, evaluations, discussions for 0.2 CEUs.

Access to courses for additional CEUs (some included, some at a discounted price). 

Community Discussion Center

Additional diversity resources

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PER YEAR/ Two Months Free (Save $40.88)

Pay for the year and save! 

Monthly webinar instruction from a Diverse Deaf perspective and/or Interpreter perspective (includes pre- and post-assessments,, evaluations, discussions for 0.2 CEUs.

Access to courses for additional CEUs (some included, some at a discounted price). 

Community Discussion Center

Additional diversity resources

SIGN UP (Pun intended)

"I can speak personally and professionally on behalf of the mentoring services provided by Dr. Garay. As a former mentee I directly benefited from her constructive feedback and attention to detail. As my ASL and interpreting skills grew so did my appreciation for the Deaf community and diversity. Dr. Garay has an ability to aid in the application of skill building and tailor it to the specific communities that we serve as interpreters modeling best practices."

Amber Mullett
RID Certified Interpreter WMP Program Manager

"Karen Putz is an excellent storyteller. Her presentation was very clear and organized. She was thoughtful regarding IRID workshop activities and encouraged participants to self-reflect in their own passions as well as interact with others to build connections with other participants. She lead us to a reinforcing path to re-connect with our passion and enthusiasm for our profession. After her presentation, we felt energized and ready to dive in with renewed energy. "

Teri Hedding, President
Illinois Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

"Dr. Garay has the ability to assess both ASL & English language skills and incorporate immediate tools to improve interpreting skills and opportunities for real life diverse experiences."

Donna Langwasser
Waukesha County Technical College-Interpreter Coordinator & Disability Services

"As a non-traditional interpreter, returning after a 12-year hiatus, Suzette mentored me for almost two years. Suzette's level of professionalism, experience, and qualifications provided me the resources, direction, and motivation to pass my NIC written and prepare me for the EIPA and the NIC. "

Carrie Peters
Certified Educational Interpreter

"I’ve sent my students to interpret for Karen Putz and they come back with a renewed spirit for the field. Karen is a masterful encourager who knows just how to put interpreters at ease so they learn and improve. I wish each of my students could have her as a mentor because she seems to be able to help them move forward in their craft and in the field of professional interpreting. I’m so grateful when my students have the opportunity to work with her."

Cassie Coburn
Assistant Professor of Interpreter Training and Sign Language

Frequently Asked Questions

Your monthly membership includes: 

Community forum where you can interact with DHH professionals and other interpreters

Monthly webinars with training by diverse Deaf POC professionals  and Interpreters and Transliterators of Color. (CEUs included!) 

Videos, resources, and other training materials

Additional CEUs can be earned via courses at a discounted cost

One-on-one coaching is provided at an additional cost


Every month, we add new, fresh information from a variety of sources.

Every month we feature a speaker on the topics of Power, Privilege, and Oppression. You can earn 0.2 CEUs from each webinar. You can view the webinars on your own time.

Once you complete the pre-assessment, webinar, webinar discussion, post-assessment, and presenter evaluation, you will earn your full CEUs. 


Yes, courses and webinars are approved for CMPs (Certification Maintenance Programs).

The webinars fall under the Power, Privilege, and Oppression (PPO) category. 

CEUs are processed at the end of each month and can take up to 60 days to be issued via email. 


Diversity Academy for Interpreters supports diversity in every form. The materials and resources provided here are shared from a variety of sources and Diversity Academy for Interpreters does not claim ownership for shared resources. We also recognize and credit individual contributions to Diversity Academy for Interpreters. 


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