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“The fundamental goal for REAL change is not to only acknowledge that our voices matter and you want to listen, but instead you want to go beyond that and be that CHANGE.”

~Dr. Suzette Garay~


Here at Diversity Academy we are in the business of giving DPOC, DIOC, ITOC a voice and a platform for sharing our issues that are of upmost importance. We just help facilitate these conversations to ensure it gets across to other Interpreters who otherwise might not know our existence or experience.


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Webinars, courses, mentorship, trainings, tutoring, and more! Obtain the CEU's you need to continue your professional journey. 

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Earn your PPO (Power, Privilege, and Oppression) CEUs from the comfort of home (or anywhere) anytime! 

Diverse Resources

Celebrating the differences among us--and understanding those differences in a deep way. 

Coming in 2024 at Diversity Academy:

Courses offered throughout the year:
-White Fragility
-Dear White Interpreters
-How To Be Antiracist
-Introduction to Intersectionality
-Interpreting in Indigenous Spaces
-Me and White Supremacy

More from DAI!
-2 new webinars this year!
-6 new BEACON Cafe Chats - now offered for 0.1 PPO CEUs!
-JustConsulting discounted private consultations for implementing Antiracist Action plans
-Discounted private workshops & trainings not available to the general public

 Ebook by Diversity Academy

Common Interpreter Microaggressions Experienced by Diverse Deaf Communities. 

Learn the hidden microaggressions that happen and how NOT to commit them.

As shared by Deaf BIPOC consumers.

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Interpreting for People of Color, Perspectives from a Diverse Deaf Community 

What do Deaf BIPOC consumers want interpreters to know?

Find out here! 

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Who is Diversity Academy For? 

• Recent graduates of interpreter training programs or entry level interpreters working into their 1-3 years of services who wish to further their knowledge, skills, and abilities beyond their respective programs and/or seeking better opportunities for diversified interpreting work.

• Certified or Restrictive Licensure Educational interpreters preparing for national certification tests (NIC or BEI) or diverse ASL skills assessments required by the state, school district or an interpreter referral agency for interpreting in community-based settings.

• Working interpreters looking to increase their cultural competence for working with diverse Deaf/deaf/Hard of Hearing/Deafblind populations such as DPOC, LGBTQA, and/or other marginalized groups.

• Certified or experienced interpreters seeking increased fluency in a specialized or diverse complex settings (except for medical or legal that requires further specialized training beyond the scope of focus of Interpreter Academy Online).

• Others who want to improve their overall Diverse ASL communication skills, including parents of diverse Deaf or hard-of-hearing children, teachers and other professionals who work with diverse Deaf or hard-of-hearing students. 

Deaf or hard-of-hearing people who want to learn or improve their ASL, particularly if their language training while growing up was signed English, PSE, or primarily oral language.

Diverse Speakers and Topics

Join Diversity Academy as a member (you can pay monthly or yearly) and you'll have access to a variety of webinars to earn your PPO CEU's. 


If you are a non-RID Certified educational interpreter and require CEUs for your school district, state requirements, or¬†professional development, please reach out to [email protected]¬†for a discounted membership.¬†


What Does a Membership Include?

A membership at Diversity Academy includes access to webinars on the topics of Power, Privilege, and Oppression. Each month, 2-3 webinars are available to be viewed anytime, anywhere and each webinar earns 0.2 PPO CEUs. In the months that only 2 webinars are offered, you can also view a BEACON Cafe Chat that is worth 0.1 PPO CEUs. This means you can earn your PPO CEUs from the comfort of home, in your pajamas--at your own pace. 

Each webinar has a Pre-Assessment, Post-Assessment, additional resources to read/view, and an evaluation to complete to earn your CEUs. Once you complete those steps for a webinar, your CEUs are processed during the following month.

Your membership also includes access to a variety of resources that cover diversity topics as it relates to the interpreting profession--via articles, websites, videos, and research. 

Diversity Academy also offers courses throughout the year for a nominal additional cost. 


Your membership includes monthly webinars featuring diverse Deaf and Interpreters sharing their wisdom on various topics, especially related to Power, Privilege, and Oppression.  The webinars can be viewed anytime, anywhere. CEUs are processed in the following month after the webinar is completed. 

CEUs are processed by Diversity Academy for Interpreters.  

Dr. Suzette Garay

Topic: Not Your Typical LGBTQ Model: The Deaf LGBTQ + POC Experiences within LGBTQ Spaces

Shana Gibbs

Topic: Strategies for Providing Corrective Feedback with Interpreters of Color

Dr. Melanie McKay-Cody

Topic: How Do the Missing Pieces of Training Affect PPO with Native/Indigenous Deaf/Hard of Hearing People?

Joseph LJ Williams

Topic: Forget the ITP and Interpret for ME! 

 Lisa Weems

Topic: Understanding the PPO Dynamics for Interpreters of Color--So You Wanna Talk About Differences?

 Christopher Robinson

Topic: Respecting & Valuing Interpreters of Color

Crescenciano Garcia-Campbell Jr.

Topic: Understanding Unearned Privileges & Power Dynamics that Impact the Working Relationships with Interpreters of Color

Dr. Alesia Allen

Topic: How Systems Lead to the Provision of Power, Privilege, and Oppression in the Interpreting Profession

Renee Phillips

Topic: Implicit Bias and You

Romduol Ngov

Topic: Authentic Representation of BIPOC Deaf Interpreters



Diversity Academy for Interpreters supports diversity in every form. The materials and resources provided here are shared from a variety of sources and Diversity Academy for Interpreters does not claim ownership for shared resources. We also recognize and credit individual contributions to Diversity Academy for Interpreters. 

CEUs are processed by Diversity Academy for Interpreters.