PPO Studies: Me and White Supremacy

August 28, 2023 - September 25, 2023

“If you are willing to dare to look white supremacy right in the eye and see yourself reflected back, you are going to become better equipped to dismantle it within yourself and within your communities.”

Layla F. Saad, Me and White Supremacy

This PPO book studies course is based on the book Me and White Supremacy: Combating Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor by Layla Saad. The purpose of this PPO book study course is to encourage individuals traditionally identified as privileged in society, particularly white interpreters, to consider how they may benefit from and contribute to important conversations about whiteness, powerisms, and anti-Blackness. Participants will have hands-on opportunities to engage in difficult conversations about antiracism, anti-Blackness, cultural appropriation, and further developing their antiracist interpreting skills.


Layla Saad redefines the concepts of whiteness, power, and doing antiracist work. She takes us on a deeper conversation about white supremacy in America—how white supremacy has become on the forefront for many, if not all, modern institutions, organizations, and communities. For each chapter reading, she highlights a particular aspect of white supremacy (white privilege, white fragility, tone policing, white silence, white superiority, and white exceptionalism), and ending with journaling prompts aimed at introspection, critical thinking, and reflection.

In the end of the 28-day challenge, Saad also shares tips and strategies to stay accountable, including finding an antiracism accountability buddy, checking in and re-examining one’s own roadmap for doing antiracist work.


Educational Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Define their own experience of “understanding whiteness” and realizing the differences among racial stereotypes-- and the impact of power, privilege, and oppression has on their role as an interpreter.
  • Reflect how they have internalized anti-Blackness and racist stereotypes, as well as participate in deeper discussions about how they have profited or benefited from culturally appropriate practices.
  • Identify and understand how to identify whiteness (both hidden and overt) and implement strategies to check for racism and apply accountability.
  • Understand how cultural appropriation and racial perceptions lead to racism and employ strategies to be an antiracist. 
  • Develop an action plan to address how they will apply antiracism in the interpreting profession. 

The proceeds from this course will be used to compensate diverse Deaf People of Color presenters and BIPOC facilitators in Diversity Academy.

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Dr. Suzette Garay (Pronoun: She/They/Ella/One)
Dr. Garay is a Deaf BIPOC and a third generational Latina(x) from South America, Nicaragua and a third member of my family who was born Deaf. She holds the following degrees: BA, MA. PSY.S, and a Ph.D. Her major areas of studies are Special Education with an emphasis on Deafness and Learning Disabilities, Psychology, and teaching of American Sign Language. She is currently a retired Educational Psychologist and teaches online diversity training courses and has facilitated the Dear White Interpreter course previously with the CAITE BHI program. She also co-owns a private online website working with many families, individuals, and private business owners about interpreting, accessibility, diversity, and advocacy with diverse DHHDB consumers at www.thediversityacademy.com.

Dr. Garay’s resume includes the following qualifications: 25+ years of direct teaching, evaluating, and mentoring with ASL/Interpreter students, working with nationally-certified interpreters, and/or continues to work has an advocate for Special Education students and their families. She also has invaluable personal experience and success teaching, evaluating, and mentoring diverse deaf individuals and/or consumers from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds.


Philip J. Wolfe has a longstanding history as an advocate, pro-activist, and an antiracist worker who is white, Jewish, no pronouns, non-binary, pansexual, and Deaf.  He grew up in upstate New York, and was raised by his grandparents who were hearing and knew a little of any sign language.

Philip has been proactively involved with various LGBTQ activism at many levels throughout his life and is currently the President of Northwest Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf.  In 2013, Phillip moved to Portland, Oregon where he currently resides and continues to focus his antiracism work with the Black Lives Matter movement as well as many other social justice movements that continue to impact his journey toward dismantling many ‘isms’ and unpacking his white privileges. 

Since then, Philip has actively advocated for the rights of people with disabilities. Philip joined the Portland Commission on Disability and served as a Commissioner for 8 years. Early 2015, Philip served on the Community Oversight Advisory Board (COAB), mandated by the US Department of Justice to oversee policy and procedures for the Portland Police Bureau, and he also was the first Deaf Advocate to chair COAB.


Me and White Supremacy

August 28 - September 25, 2023 - Live Zoom Meetings - Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST

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8 Sessions, Online Meetings

This course includes eight sessions, videos, worksheets, plus weekly online interactive group sessions. 

Learn how to become an effective ally.

This course provides 1.35 CEUs.

This course meets the category of Power, Privilege and Oppression Category (PPO, PS CEUs).  



Topics Covered in This Course

This four-week course will take place in August and September 2023. You'll receive one module via Kajabi each week. Interactive discussions take place in the online community at Diversity Academy and via Zoom. 

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